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You can automatically number spaces as they are created, or you can enter numbers manually. If you use automatic numbering, the Numbering pane of the Space Settings dialog box has additional features to customize numbers and to adjust numbers when needed.

Custom number types


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If you want more than a simple text label or incrementing value for space numbers, create a custom number type that combines multiple elements.

To create, edit, or delete a custom number type:

Click the tool and then click Preferences.

On the Numbering pane of the Space Preferences dialog box, click Space Number Type and select Edit Combinations to add, edit, or delete the available number combinations.

The Edit Number Combinations dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Combination Name

Enter a descriptive name for the combination

Number Combination

Specifies information to display as the space number. Select one or more items from the list to the right of the field to add an incrementing number value and/or space object data. To assign IFC-related data (such as floor finish or number of occupants), select Additional Data from the list, and select a field from the Additional Data dialog box. Add static text and punctuation as needed.

For example, your number type might have the occupant name, followed by a slash and an incrementing number value. From the variable list select Occupant Name, and then type a slash; then select Space Number Incrementing Value from the list. The Number Combination would look like this:

#Occupant Name# / #Space Number Incrementing Value#

Combination Name/ Combination Definition/ Saved in

Displays details about the number combinations available. Select an item from the list to edit it.

Combinations are saved to your user folder, so they're available for other projects.

Edit the number combinations as follows:

To add a new combination, type a name into Combination Name, and add the desired text and variables. Click Save; the combination is added to the list.

To edit a combination, select it from the list and then edit as needed. Click Save to save the changes.

To delete a combination, select it from the list and then click Delete.

Managing space numbers

Occasionally the automatic numbering may need adjustment. For example, if a space is deleted after creation, one of the numbers will be missing from the sequence. If a space is duplicated, its number may be used twice for the same label type.

To manage automatic numbering:

Select a space object.

From the Object Info palette, click the Manage Sequence button.

The Manage Sequence dialog box opens. Adjust the space numbering sequence as described in Manage Sequence dialog box.

Alternatively, click Manage from the Numbering pane of the Space Settings dialog box.

Space settings

Creating spaces with the Space tool


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