Inserting symbols

From the Resource Manager’s file browser pane, locate the symbol definition to insert. To insert a symbol with the Symbol Insertion tool, double-click on the symbol definition to make it active, and then click in the drawing to place a symbol instance. You can also drag and drop symbols into the drawing from the Resource Manager.

Symbols can be inserted as individual objects or, if the symbol definition allows it, they can be inserted into a wall. Symbols in walls have special insertion and editing behavior.

While symbols have wall insertion capabilities in all Vectorworks products, a Design Suite product is required to create wall objects.

Once a symbol definition has been inserted into the drawing, it becomes a symbol instance. The relationship between the symbol definition and the symbol instance depends on the type of symbol definition; see Concept: Vectorworks symbols and Concept: Object instances, definitions, and styles.

Drag and drop symbol insertion method

The Symbol Insertion tool

Concept: Vectorworks symbols

Creating symbol definitions

Editing symbol definitions

Symbols within a wall


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