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Use the Symbol Insertion tool to place the active 2D, 3D, or hybrid symbol from the Resource Manager into the drawing. During insertion, a preview of the symbol is shown to aid in placement. Symbols can also be inserted by dragging them from the Resource Manager.

Each symbol has its own insertion point that controls how the symbol is placed into the drawing. The insertion point is specified during the symbol’s creation, and its location on the symbol is shown by crosshairs in the Edit Symbol window.

Hybrid symbols can only be inserted on a working plane that is parallel to the active layer plane. When inserting a hybrid symbol, if the working plane is not parallel to the active layer plane, the working plane is aligned with the active layer plane. The working plane origin remains unchanged.




Standard Insertion

Inserts the symbol based on its specified insertion point, or aligned according to one of the symbol alignment modes

Offset Insertion

Inserts the symbol in a wall according to an offset reference point

Symbol Pick up

Designates a symbol from the drawing as the active symbol

Wall Insertion

Toggles between enabling and disabling symbol or plug-in object insertion into a wall (if the symbol definition permits it). See Wall Insertion mode.

Symbol Alignment modes

These alignment modes apply to Standard Insertion mode, and temporarily override the insertion point. These modes change the alignment of the insertion point along the X axis of the bounding box surrounding the symbol. Alternatively, keep the original point as the insertion point.

Align Symbol Left

Moves the insertion point to the left edge of the symbol’s bounding box, along the original X axis

Align Symbol Center

Moves the insertion point to the center of the symbol’s bounding box, along the original X axis.

Align Symbol Right

Moves the insertion point to the right edge of the symbol’s bounding box, along the original X axis

Align Actual Insertion Point


Uses the symbol’s originally specified insertion point

Active Symbol Def

Opens the Resource Selector to select a symbol for placement; double-click a resource to activate it


Once a symbol instance is placed in a drawing, select it to display its properties in the Object Info palette. Depending on the type of symbol, only certain parameters of the symbol instance can be edited; see Concept: Vectorworks symbols. From the Object Info palette, the location of any symbol instance can be adjusted, and its layer and class association can be changed.

Standard symbol insertion mode

Offset symbol insertion mode

Symbol Pick up mode

Inserting symbols

Creating symbol definitions

Editing symbol definitions

Concept: Vectorworks symbols


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