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Alt+0 (zero, Windows)

Option+0 (zero, Mac)

The Symbol Pick up mode “picks up” a symbol instance from the drawing and makes its symbol definition active for insertion.

To pick up a symbol definition and place a symbol:

Click the tool and mode.

Click on a symbol instance in the drawing. Valid symbol instances are highlighted as the mouse moves over them.

The symbol definition that is associated with that instance becomes active.

Either the Standard Insertion mode or Offset Insertion mode is automatically enabled, depending on the last mode used. Click a different insertion mode, if desired.

Insert the symbol according to the instructions for that mode.

To switch to Symbol Pick up mode quickly, press and hold the Option (Mac) or Alt (Windows) key while the Symbol Insertion tool is active, and then click on the desired symbol instance. The selected symbol is now ready to be inserted into the drawing.

The Symbol Insertion tool

Inserting symbols


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