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Use Offset Insertion mode to insert a symbol into a wall at a specific distance from a reference point. The offset distance can be measured either to the symbol’s insertion point or to a clicked point on the symbol.

To insert a symbol into a wall with offset insertion:

Do one of the following:

Click the tool and then click Active Symbol Def on the Tool bar to select a resource from the Resource Selector.

From the Resource Manager, right-click on the resource, and select Make Active from the context menu. Alternatively, double-click the resource to activate it. The Symbol Insertion tool is activated automatically.

The symbol definition must have the Insert in Walls option enabled (see Creating symbol definitions).

Click the mode.

Click the desired alignment mode; see The Symbol Insertion tool.

Click to set the reference point from which the symbol will be offset. The reference point does not have to be within the wall.

The symbol preview displays when the cursor is over a wall.

Click to set the offset location of the symbol.

If the symbol is not oriented properly in the wall, move the cursor slightly away from the insertion point, and then flip the symbol about its axis to the correct position.

In click-drag mode, click and hold the mouse to insert the symbol and still be able to flip it. A quick click eliminates the ability to flip the symbol and locks the orientation of the symbol as it is placed.

Click to place the symbol.

The Enter Offset dialog box opens, displaying the distance between the clicked points. The fields available depend on whether the wall is straight or curved.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




For straight walls, specify the offset distance. For curved walls, specify either the Distance or the Angle between the reference point and the symbol. The distance is measured along the outer arc of the curved wall.

Offset Using

Select whether to offset the symbol using the insertion point or the next mouse click on another point on the symbol

If the Insertion Point option is selected, the symbol is placed into the wall so that the insertion point is offset as specified from the reference point.

If the Next Click option is selected, a witness line of the specified length or angle extends from the reference point to the end point. Click the symbol to indicate the appropriate offset point and to place the symbol into the wall so that the clicked point is offset as specified from the reference point.

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