Standard symbol insertion mode



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Standard Insertion


Symbol Insertion



Alt+0 (zero, Windows)

Option+0 (zero, Mac)

To insert a symbol:

Do one of the following:

Click the tool and then click Active Symbol Def on the Tool bar to select a resource from the Resource Selector.

From the Resource Manager, right-click on the resource, and select Make Active from the context menu. Alternatively, double-click the resource to activate it. The Symbol Insertion tool is activated automatically.

Click the mode.

To insert the symbol into a wall with breaks, enable Wall Insertion mode. The symbol definition also must have the Insert in Walls option enabled (see Creating symbol definitions).

Click the desired alignment mode; see The Symbol Insertion tool.

Click to set the location of the symbol, and click again to set the rotation.

For symbols placed inside walls, moving the mouse flips the symbol about one of two axes: up and down, or left and right.

In click-drag mode, click and hold the mouse to insert the symbol and still be able to rotate it. A quick click eliminates the ability to rotate or flip the symbol and locks the orientation of the symbol as it is placed.

The Symbol Insertion tool

Inserting symbols


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