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Use object editing mode to add annotations and dimensions in viewports, and to edit those annotations and dimensions later (see Object editing mode).

To add annotations, including dimensions, to a viewport:

With the viewport’s sheet layer active, select the viewport by clicking on it with the Selection tool.

Select the command. The Edit Viewport dialog box opens (see Modifying viewports for a description of the dialog box parameters).

Click Annotations to enter object editing mode.

Alternatively, right-click on a viewport and select Edit Annotations from the context menu.

Use the various dimension tools from the Dims/Notes tool set to add dimensions to the viewport (see Dimensions). The dimension tools snap to the objects in the viewport as if you were dimensioning the design layer. The dimensions are automatically updated if the design layer object changes.

A 2D object in the viewport must be dimensioned in Top/Plan view. A 3D object can be dimensioned in any view, but you must align the face that is to be dimensioned with the screen plane to get an accurate measurement.

Structural grids are 2D planar objects that can only be drawn on the layer plane of a design layer; their visibility and appearance can be changed in viewports; see Structural grid visibility in viewports and Grid line instance visibility in viewports.

To view other objects on the sheet layer while in object editing mode, select Show other objects while in editing modes on the Display pane of the Vectorworks preferences (see Vectorworks preferences: Display pane).

Text, drawing labels, and other notations, as well as 2D objects, can be added to the viewport.

The stacking order of selected annotations can be changed with the Modify > Send commands. To add graphical annotations to a viewport rendered with Hidden Line, use the Inner Boundary or Outer Boundary mode of the 2D Polygon tool (see 2D Polygon tool).

Annotations are in viewport scale, not sheet layer scale.


Click Exit Viewport Annotation to exit object editing mode and return to the sheet layer.

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