Using multiple drawing views




View bar

Enable Multiple View Panes

View > Multiple View Panes


To use multiple drawing views:

In any drawing view, select the command or click the View bar button.

The drawing area is divided into multiple view panes; the single view when the command is selected becomes the active view.

To set all panes to the same class visibilities, layer visibilities, and clip cube, select View > Multiple View Panes > Use Same Visibilities in All Panes. Deselect the command to set visibilities independently in each view pane.

Edit the drawing in the active view pane; to configure and draw in a different pane, click in the pane or on the pane title flag to make it active.

You can begin a drawing operation in the active pane and conclude it in another pane.

To return to a single view pane, select the command again.

The shortcut key to enable multiple view panes can be customized; see Modifying special shortcuts.

Concept: Multiple drawing views

Changing the multiple view pane layout


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