The Vectorworks Site Protection Backup Server

The Vectorworks Site Protection Server uses a Server/Client format to manage licenses when using Vectorworks products. The backup server monitors the operation of the regular server (primary server), and if it determines that the primary server is malfunctioning, the backup server takes over license management from the primary server. The backup server connection can be enabled on the client side, so that the Vectorworks program can be launched and used even if the primary server has malfunctioned.

The backup server option may not be available in your country; check with your local distributor.

Before setting up the backup server, read about the primary server.

The backup server operates very similarly to the primary server, but there are a few differences.

    Licenses cannot be borrowed when the backup server is running.

    When switching over to the backup server, or switching back to the primary server, any open Vectorworks clients must temporarily close.

    No alerts are generated when switching between the backup server and the primary server.

The backup server has the same requirements and operating environment as the primary server, and the Vectorworks server software is installed in the same way. The backup server requires its own dongle and has its own license file.

If the ISV options have been set up on the primary server and you want the same options for the backup server, copy the vektorwrx.opt file from the primary server to the backup server. The file is located in the Vectorworks Site Protection Server folder.


Backup Server Settings

Client Settings

Backup Server Functionality

Verifying Backup Server Operation