Vectorworks equivalents to AutoCAD and Revit terms and concepts

Many concepts are similar between Vectorworks and AutoCAD and Revit software; however, different vocabulary can result in confusion for AutoCAD/Revit users new to Vectorworks. Additionally, some features of the Vectorworks program have no equivalent in AutoCAD/Revit, and vice versa.

Layers in the Vectorworks program are not the same as layers in AutoCAD/Revit (instead, Vectorworks classes are the equivalent). Vectorworks layers are like sheets of vellum, placed one on top of the other, with all layers visible and editable, or only the current layer showing/editable. Like hand drafting, each design layer of a Vectorworks drawing has a scale. Sheet layers, which contain viewports, are at a scale of 1:1 and are the “paper space” equivalent.

In the Vectorworks program, some tool is always active; switch tools by selecting a different tool.

The help system includes a PDF listing all commands and tools in the Vectorworks program, along with their location in the workspace. Additionally, each section of help about a command or tool describes where it is located. Other useful help sections include Drawing structure, Creating objects, Editing objects, and Viewing the drawing.

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