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Building Shell

Alt+Shift+D (Windows)

Option+Shift+D (Mac)

The Door tool creates doors based on a door style resource and/or the parameters specified in the Door Preferences dialog box. Doors can be created in Top/Plan view or a 3D view. There are two methods for creating a door:

Click to insert a door based on a style or the parameters in the Door Preferences dialog box; see Inserting doors.

Draw the door manually using a style or the parameters in the Door Preferences dialog box; see Drawing doors.



Standard Insertion

Inserts a door with the parameters specified in Door Preferences

Offset Insertion

Inserts a door according to an offset reference point

Interactive Sizing Insertion

Draws a door manually, with the size and location indicated

Wall Insertion

Toggles between enabling and disabling door object insertion into a wall; see Wall Insertion mode

Alignment modes

For Standard Insertion mode and Offset Insertion mode, these modes change the alignment of the insertion point along the X axis of the door; see The Symbol Insertion tool

Door Style

Opens the Resource Selector to select a door style for placement; double-click a resource to activate it


Opens the Door Preferences dialog box, to set default door parameters; see Door settings


Editing doors

Door settings

Door properties

Creating door schedules

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