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The Slab tool creates architectural slabs such as floors, ceilings, and flat roofs. Slabs can be drawn manually or they can be based on, and associated with, existing walls. Slab components can be created using material resources for an efficient BIM workflow. The method of associating slab components with wall components can be specified, to create accurate and detailed cross-section views. Slabs can also be created with drainage systems. Energy-related information specified for slabs is considered when conducting an energy analysis (Vectorworks Architect required).


To draw a free-standing slab manually with the Slab tool, click the Polyline mode. If the walls are already drawn, click the Picked Walls mode or Inner Boundary mode to create a slab bounded by visible walls. The Picked Walls mode can also be used to create a slab that is bounded by walls on some sides but has a manual edge on others.




Check mark

Executes the operation.

The check mark button is enabled only when Picked Walls mode is selected.

Picked Walls

Defines the perimeter of a slab based on a set of selected walls; if the walls do not completely enclose the slab, additional manual edges are created to complete the slab geometry

Inner Boundary

Creates a slab object in a clicked area that is bounded by visible walls


Draws a slab using the selected polyline creation options and the current preference settings

Polyline creation options

For Polyline mode, selects the method for drawing the polyline upon which the object is based; see Creating polylines

Slab Style list

Opens the Resource Selector to select a symbol for placement; double-click a resource to activate it


Opens the Slab Preferences dialog box to set the default preferences for slabs; see Slab preferences

Drawing slabs manually

Creating automatically bounded slabs from existing walls

Creating slabs with both automatically bounded and manual edges

Concept: Automatically bounded and manual slab edges

Converting slab boundary associations

Creating slab components

Setting edge offsets

Using slab styles

Editing slabs

Editing slab geometry

Creating slab drainage systems

Setting up the building structure with stories


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