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The Focus Point tool places a focus point object in the drawing. A focus point defines the focus of a lighting device, as described in Assigning a focus point to a lighting device. Although focus points are not required for focusing lighting devices, they are used to calculate photometric values (see Obtaining photometric data) and document focus locations. For example, focus points can be used to create Magic Sheets that show the lighting devices focused on a particular area; see Magic sheets.

Focus points can also be created when using the Focus Lighting Devices command or the Focus Lighting Devices Along Path tool.

To create a focus point object:

Click the tool.

Click Preferences to open the Focus Point Properties dialog box and specify the tool’s default parameters. The parameters can be edited later from the Object Info palette.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Show Focus Point Name

Select whether to display the focus point name along with the focus point shape

Focus Point Shape

Select a shape for the focus point.

Standard Hybrid: an octagon in both Top/Plan view and 3D views.

Standard 2D: an octagon in Top/Plan view and a 3D locus in 3D views.

Standard 3D: a 2D locus in Top/Plan view and an octagon in 3D views.

Locus Points Only: a 2D locus point in Top/Plan view and a 3D locus in 3D views (does not display in rendered views).

Default content: Existing focus shape symbols are provided as default content (a selected symbol is automatically imported into the current file and displays in the Resource Manager).

Default Class

To control visibility, select a class from the list of classes present in the drawing, or create a new class

Click in the drawing to place the focus point object.

The Place Focus Point dialog box opens. Enter the name of the focus point, and the focus height above the stage floor. The focus point name is required later to assign the focus point to lighting devices.

Place focus points in their own class so they can be easily hidden for a 3D rendering. Alternatively, select Standard 2D or Locus Points Only for the Focus Point Shape.

Assigning a focus point to a lighting device

A focus point object must be defined in the drawing before it can be assigned to a lighting device; see Creating a focus point object.

Multiple lighting devices can use the same focus point. You can select all lighting devices assigned to a particular focus point for quick editing; see Editing lighting devices.

In 3D views, lighting devices rotate automatically to aim at the focus point. If the focus point is moved, the associated lighting devices update their focus position.

To assign a focus point to lighting devices:

Select one or more lighting devices.

On the Object Info palette, enter the name of the focus point object in the Focus field.

Any named object can be used as a focus point. For example, enter the name of a 3D stage object; the lighting device points to the middle of the object’s bounding cube.

The lighting devices’ Pan, Tilt, and Throw Distance values automatically update.

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