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A Vectorworks material resource is essentially a container that packages information, including resources of other types, into a single container. A material generally includes an existing fill resource, an existing Renderworks texture (including its surface hatch if applicable), and a property set of non-graphical properties. Record formats with custom information can also be attached to a material. Collecting this information into a single resource allows for efficient and consistent assignment of attributes and information to objects and components, for a streamlined BIM workflow.

You can also create a compound material, which is composed of multiple simple materials, such as insulated framing made up of a framing material and an insulation material, or reinforced concrete that includes a specified steel rebar material.

Material resources can be saved to your user or a workgroup folder for later use, and/or exported to other files; see Creating custom resource libraries.

See Importing mtextur for details about using material resources from this third-party library.

Defining a simple material

Defining a compound material

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Editing materials

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