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Certain 3D objects, including 3D polygons, NURBS curves, and NURBS surfaces, can be reshaped with free-form movement using the Reshape tool. When the tool's Transform mode, or any of the move vertex primary modes available for reshaping a NURBS surface, is active, 3D dragger submodes allow you to perform a variety of operations on these objects. 



Translate and Rotate

Activates the Translate and Rotate 3D dragger with linear, planar, and rotational handles to reshape the object by moving vertices


Activates the Scale 3D dragger with linear and planar handles that reshape the object by scaling vertices


Repositions the 3D dragger without affecting the selected object; see Repositioning the reshape 3D dragger.

Because free-form movements are performed relative to the 3D dragger's center, some operations can only be completed if the 3D dragger is repositioned away from a selected vertex.

Align to 3D Polygon

Align to Curve

Align to Surface

Keeps the 3D dragger aligned to the object

Align to Working Plane

Keeps the 3D dragger aligned to the working plane; see Concept: Understanding the working plane

See Reshaping 3D polygons with Transform modeReshaping NURBS curves with Transform mode, and Reshaping NURBS surfaces for more information about how to reshape each of these objects.

Reshaping objects


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