SpotlightSpotlight preferences setup

Spotlight preferences control how rigging and load objects are inserted in the drawing—by enabling automatic positioning, assigning classes and universes, and specifying the attributes of rigging and lighting devices in the file. The parameter settings can have a powerful global effect on all the devices, both existing and new.

Spotlight preferences also control which parameters display on the Shape tab of the Object Info palette, manage automatic universe assignment for lighting devices, and control the automatic data exchange between Spotlight and Lightwright.

The preferences are grouped into several panes of related parameters on the Spotlight Preferences dialog box. Select each pane and specify the parameters. For individual drawing objects, set custom parameters at the time of insertion.

Spotlight preferences: Loads and Rigging pane

Spotlight preferences: Lighting Devices: Parameters pane

Spotlight preferences: Lighting Devices: Classes and Color pane

Spotlight preferences: Universes pane

Spotlight preferences: Lightwright pane


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