Design SuiteCalculating and displaying grade and elevation

The Grade tool is available in all Vectorworks Design Suite products, but its site model functionality requires additional features that are available only in the Landmark and Architect products.


Workspace: Tool set



Architect and Spotlight: Building Shell

Landmark: Site Planning and Dims/Notes

When used for site planning, the Grade tool annotates terrain slopes on site plan documents.

Networks of connected grade objects can be created to show elevation and slope characteristics across a surface. Grade objects can be used in conjunction with a site model (automatically picking up the elevation from the site model), and can modify the site model. If the site model does not yet exist, 3D loci can be generated from grade object elevations, and those can then be used as the basis of creating a site model.




Draws a grade object based on set elevation parameters or a site model

Edit Elevation

Changes the elevation value of one or more existing grade objects


Updates all grade objects in the drawing, applying current preference settings and updating any overlapped elevation points


Sets the default global preferences for the grade object

Specifying global grade object preferences

Inserting grade objects

Editing elevation

Analyzing grade

Creating loci from a grade object


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