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Concept: Hardscape types

For all hardscapes, select a boundary or pathway configuration. For 3D designs, a variety of hardscape configurations and types are available. Select the ones that best suit the needs of the design.


Suggested purpose

3D Type: None

For less complex designs, and when none of the other types is necessary, this provides a good default solution. Select None when:

There is no need for the hardscape to have a thickness for 3D views or sections.

There is no need for components, for either rendering or reporting purposes.

A particular style of hardscape or manufacturer is not required.

The hardscape does not need to serve as a modifier for a site model.

Slab drainage functionality is not needed.

The slab can remain completely planar.

The slab does not need to automatically match the elevations of any other objects.

3D Type: Slab

Select Slab when:

The hardscape needs a thickness or components for 3D views or sections.

Components are required for rendering or reporting purposes.

The hardscape needs to modify the site model (optional).

3D Type: Slab Drainage

Select Slab Drainage when:

The hardscape needs to support a drainage system.

Site Modifier Configuration: No Site Modifier

Select No Site Modifier when:

The hardscape does not need to interact with the site model.

Site Modifier Configuration: Planar Pad

Select Planar Pad when:

The hardscape is used as a site model planar pad modifier; see Creating a planar pad or pad with retaining edge.

The hardscape needs to interact with other modifiers (depending on nesting, overlapping situations, and creation order).

Site Modifier Configuration: Aligned

Select the Aligned configuration when:

The hardscape modifies the site model, and it needs to vertically match the horizontal edges of certain geometry, including adjacent roadways, hardscapes, massing models, 3D polygons, landscape areas, walls, and planar pad or pad with retaining edge site modifiers. Aligned slabs are complex, non-planar hardscape types that can also be modified with vertical profiles, stake objects, and grade objects. See Creating an aligned site modifier.

Site Modifier Configuration: Path

Select the Path configuration when:

The hardscape is used as a site model path modifier; see Creating a pathway or boundary modifier.

The hardscape needs to be modeled as a path, with a specific longitudinal profile and transverse profiles; the path shape can be widened or narrowed as needed using the Reshape tool.

Site Modifier Configuration:  Texture Bed

Select the Texture Bed configuration when:

The hardscape needs to display a specific image texture for a photorealistic rendered appearance; see Creating a texture bed

Site Modifier Configuration: Draped

Select the Draped configuration when: 

The hardscape needs to conform to the contours of the site model surface before any modifications are made

Creating hardscapes


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