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The Bridle tool places a bridle object in the drawing. Bridle legs can be inserted on house rigging points and rigging objects, and on structural members if this option is enabled when setting the bridle preferences. The down leg uses a hoist by default, but you can choose to use bridle parts instead. Before a bridle is inserted, make sure the necessary rigging points are present in the drawing.



Auto Insertion

Inserts the bridle with one click to define the connection point; the legs are automatically inserted on the closest rigging points

Click Insertion

Inserts the bridle with multiple clicks, to define the connection point and each leg insertion point


Inserts a dead hang object, to suspend a load directly below a rigging point

Two Leg Bridle

Inserts a two leg bridle

Reversed Two Leg Bridle

Inserts a reversed two leg bridle, to connect multiple objects to a rigging point. Inserting an inverted bridle requires three clicks. The first two clicks designate the attachment points on the truss system; the third click sets the down leg or hoist location.

To calculate the forces correctly with Braceworks, the objects must be on the same truss system.

Three Leg Bridle

Inserts a three leg bridle

Four Leg Bridle

Inserts a four leg bridle

Stacked Bridle

Inserts a stacked bridle, which is structurally determinate


Opens the Down Leg Preferences dialog box; select the default option for building the down leg.

When Hoist is selected, click the Resource Selector to select the default hoist symbol. If the available chain length is shorter than the required down leg length, bridle parts are added automatically to fill the missing length.

Trim Height

When Click Insertion is selected in Top/Plan view, enter the distance from the bottom of the bridle to the floor

Inserting bridles automatically

Inserting bridles manually

Managing bridle parts

Bridle preferences

Bridle properties

Inserting house rigging points

Inserting mother grids

Hoist properties


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