Design SuiteEditing walls

Once a wall has been created, there are multiple ways to edit it:

Edit parameters from the Object Info palette.

Use the Edit Wall tool to edit curtain wall grids, and to change the wall height, wall peaks, and add or delete vertices of both standard walls and curtain walls.

The Edit Wall tool is in the Building Shell tool set; the tool is automatically activated by double-clicking a wall or by selecting Edit from the object context menu when a wall is selected.

Change the wall length using the Selection tool and the Reshape tool (Top/Plan view only).

Delete all wall peaks from the top of the wall, the bottom of the wall, or both, using the Delete Wall Peaks command (Vectorworks Architect or Landmark required).

Edit wall networks by moving connected walls, removing wall breaks, and joining walls and wall components.

Wall properties

Reshaping walls

Concept: Editing guidelines for curtain wall grids

Removing wall breaks

Moving connected walls

Joining walls

Joining wall components


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