The Vectorworks Site Protection Server

Vectorworks Site Protection Server Overview

The Vectorworks Site Protection Server consists of two parts: the Reprise License Manager (RLM) server and the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) server. These work together while communicating via TCP/IP.


RLM Server

The RLM server is a server management program created by Reprise Software, Inc, an American license management software vendor. As the core of the license management software, it fulfills the following network management tasks.

    Communicates with the ISV server through the UDP port (5053) to coordinate operation.

    Communicates with the Vectorworks client through the TCP/IP port (5053) to verify startup.

    Communicates with the browser via the TCP/IP port (5054) for Vectorworks Site Protection Server management information display.

The RLM server has additional optional features that are not used with the Vectorworks Site Protection Server.

ISV Server

The ISV server manages the Vectorworks client licenses. It performs various functions, such as license usage verification, login management, and other optional functions. Vectorworks, Inc. is the Independent Software Vendor and is represented by “vektorwrx” in the various screens.


Launching the Vectorworks Site Protection Server

Main Server Administration Screen

Server Syntax

Specifying Server Options

Server Status Screen

ISV Server Screens

Displaying the Server Operating Status

Server Operating Status Logs

Modifying Port Numbers

Shutting Down the Vectorworks Site Protection Server

Server Startup Options

Requiring Server Passwords

Controlling RLM Options

Windows Service Settings

The Vectorworks Site Protection Backup Server